#Trumpsigns collection from the web


Donald Trump is a controversial figure. I believe Americans themselves are trying to understand their president elect’s choices and decision making. Below are some of the thoughts of the American people during the presidential campaign. Yes, admittedly these collection is biased against Trump, but it is just pure entertainment fun – no politics.

1 Donald Trump is of German and Scottish ancestry.

2. We shall “overcomb” all future challenges.

3. First wife Ivana Trump is Czechoslovakian. Second wife Marla Ann Maples is American. Third wife, Melania Trump is Slovenian. So it is not entirely true that Donald Trump would have no wives without immigrants.

4. Interesting take on the nuclear warhead codes. Just imagine, the same finger that launches Twitter wars could be taken on a whole different level. People are uncomfortable with that. Aptly named, Donald Trump and the nuclear codes.

5. #Unpresidented?

6. Nope, not going to happen. Incoming President of the United States – POTUS!

7. Hopefully that is NOT the reason why America is great.


8. There is nothing you can’t overcomb.

9. Nothing can contain the POTUS.

10. The American dream!

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