5 ideas to make a good impression how to stand out in an interview

How to stand out in an interview? 5 ideas to make a good impression

Interviews are still the centerpiece of the hiring decision in the years before, today, and foresee ably in the future. What are some of the most effective interview techniques that you can use to make your job application stand out? Below are some of the creative job application ideas that could help you along the way.

Add pictures

The thought of resumes tend to invoke the picture of something wordy and filled with numbers. You can stand out by adding pictures of your achievements that you had. It could be anything ranging from receiving an award, while giving a speech, a great turnout for the event you organized, or a picture of you with happy clients. A picture speaks a thousand words, so spice things up with this idea.

Ask great questions

When coming to the end of the interview, you still need to make an impression. The best way to close the interview session is by asking questions about the prospective company. Ask, “What are the 5 keywords that the interviewer would describe the company?”

“For me to understand this role, what are your short term and long term priorities for the candidate that takes up the role?” Asking powerful questions not only give you the opportunity to understand the role further, but makes an impression that you have put serious thought in the application.

Customize your presentation to the company needs

Research before hand on the company. Think of how you can craft your spoken words to the company’s values, vision or mission. If the company vision is to be the future industry market leader, give examples of how your experience can contribute towards that vision. Mention important jargon that the company uses to show that you have interest in the application. Your goal is to make the interviewer say, “Wow, you sure have done your homework”. Your goal is to ensure that you are not using the same format/style when seeing multiple different companies. If you are, then you do not know enough about the company to “customize”.

STAR format

Lay out your experience in the STAR format. Situation, Action, Results. Describe the background of the issue, the action that YOU personally took (not a group action) and the results of your action. Results are preferably attached with a number for it to be more measure able.

Sizing up your interviewer

The moment you meet someone, intuition kicks in not only for the interviewer but you as well. So what does your gut feel tell about the interviewer? Is he/she aggressive or soft spoken? Is his style more formal or a casual communication style? Try match your communication style with the interviewer. A little contrast is fine, you still want to be yourself and not be a totally different person. For example, do not boom your voice across the room when the interviewer is soft spoken for the obvious reason that likely the interviewer might be having a very close proximity. For you to know, how much mirroring is too much, read my article on self monitoring.

Try these 5 simple ideas in your next interview. Comment below on your personal idea that worked well for you.


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