earn money online paid survey

Earn money with online paid survey

What are paid surveys?

Have you wondered how companies are able to successfully launch products? How do they obtain data from the marketplace on which features customers like or dislike?

Companies would need data from consumer minds through engaging market research companies to customize products and to know how consumers react to the product. Before the internet, surveys are done manually through interviews and physical forms. With the advent of the internet, there are more efficient ways to collect data from a wider audience group.

The good news

The good news is that your input can be valuable and you stand to earn money through participating the surveys. Market research companies range in size. You will better off with the larger ones so that you can meet the minimum payout threshold sooner. These websites connect you with the market research companies. Below are some links to start you off earning money online.

I am not affiliated in any way. Read the terms and conditions for each website.


Here is a screenshot. You can click “Join Now” and be part of the network.

earn money online paid survey


From the current screen grab, it say on average each survey is paid US$0.50 to US$2.50.earn money online paid survey


This is slightly different from online paid survey. It seems that you can earn money from sharing on social networks.

Claims to have over 1 million total users in Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines. US$2,163,215 cash out amount by Malaysian 8Share users since 2010.

earn money online paid survey


Get rewarded for your opinion.

earn money online paid survey


The website has 350,000 likes.

earn money online paid survey


Looks like they have solid leading brands as partners.

earn money online paid survey

Search for “paid survey” on job sites.

Look for the “paid survey” in leading job sites such as Indeed.com, Monster.com, Jobstreet.com, SkootJobs.com, Jobstore.com. Try alternative search keywords, “part time research respondent” and “casual research respondents”, “research survey respondent”. These would yield opportunities that are available from time to time.

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