earn money as college student

Earn money as a college student

As a student, you have probably been through articles on how to save money. But what about earning extra money? You have extra time between classes and assignments. Why not use that idle time generate some cash?

Be an intern

Depending on your major, you could apply as a temporary intern. Call up the local companies around you, speak to human resource. You can handle the administrative work that is there. At the same time, you gain work experience. Time to hustle and self yourself. Perform the work as proof of the value you can bring.

For example, an architect student can work online after establishing contact with a local company. You see fellow students who spend money on vacations or fancy stuff? Not all that come from parent’s allowance, there are plenty of work project who need an extra hand.

Steven Spielberg started off as unpaid intern at Universal Studios by showing up daily.

Drive with e-hailing apps such as Uber

Many students are taking advantage of simple driving skills and using the app. All you have to do is a quick registration. Even if you do not have a car, you can check out the rental program.

Sell what other college students want

Think of pizza, soda, snacks. You can be the dormitory convenience store. Do not limit yourself to selling food stuff. Michael Dell started selling personal computers back in the day from his dorm room.


You can tutor secondary school kids with their homework. Look on Craig’s list for opportunities.

Start blogging or Youtube

Create a following based on your passions. Income from advertising comes if you are able to gather at least 10,000 views. It is going to be hard work just like any job. But you have to start some where. Student lives secret life as Youtube star with 88,000 subcribers.

Work at a hipster cafe

Hipster cafes usually sprout around colleges. Rather than spending time and money at the cafe, be part of the movement. You can use your extra time to earn cash and have a social network.

Sign up for paid market survey

Marketing companies are offering cash if you are in the target age group. The survey is done to understand the thinking process of the consumer. Therefore, you do not need any special qualification. You can look at classifieds or job enlistments section for “paid survey”. You should determine it is a genuine paid survey before confirming the appointment. There are paid survey advertisement masquerading as schemes to promote insurance or multi level marketing.

Example of links I stumbled upon:

Mobrog.com – Online survey and earn RM2 to RM10 per survey

TinjauanBandingan.com – You will have to register. There are leading name brands named as customers. Below is the screengrab.

earn money as college student



Be an online shopper

There are grocery shopping services where a fee is charged for goods to be purchased for delivery to the busy customer.  The requirements are not high. You need to know how to shop for the right items based on a list. You can easily look up to work for these local companies, just look for “online shopping service”.

Here are 7 simple ideas to earn an extra pocket money. With a little bit of ingenuity and massive amount of hard work, you can earn income that you can freely spend.

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