Are you feeling disengaged from your work? 4 simple ways to know Steve-Jobs-Last-Day-Quote

Are you feeling disengaged from your work? 4 simple ways to know

What is engagement in the workplace?

In a simple sense, engagement is the connection that you have with your work which drives you to give your best everyday. So are you fully absorbed to fulfill your job responsibilities and even go beyond the call of duty? Not only employee engagement is important for the company, it is even more so for yourself. The simple reason being that by being your best at work everyday, in the long term you would become a better version of yourself. You prepare yourself for higher levels of responsibility in the company and dare i say, beyond the current company. Imagine dragging your feet to work everyday for 5 years and feeling disengaged from work. Would you try to fix the situation to increase your emotional connection with the company or would you be better off taking charge to be in a company where you could fulfill your maximum potential?  Therefore, it is imperative to do the following. According to the Gallup survey, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged. The bright side of this is that if you make efforts to increase your personal engagement level with the company, you would be in the top range of productivity.

How happy are you at work on a scale of 1-10?

Has your happiness been constant, rising, or receding like the tide of the ocean? If there are recent setbacks, there is nothing to worry as it will pass. Have a bigger mental picture while deciding on the scale, think also of the positives to have an overall fair evaluation. Have you been declined of a promotion recently that affected your happiness? Read here on how long to wait for a promotion before looking out.

Feeling appreciated at work

We all need some form of recognition in work. Some people require more, and others require less. If this is a major point for you in relation to happiness at work, talk to your superior. Even better, schedule a specific time to have an honest conversation with your superior if you feel that your recent contribution has not been recognized. Do not withhold emotions or delayed honest conversations that need to take place. The sooner you can calmly talk about your feelings, the better. The happier you would be at work. When was the last time you had a candid conversation with your superior? Or if you are feeling unappreciated not getting the promotion you think you deserve, read here on when is the right time to look out.

Emotional connection

Having a confidant at work is an important factor in feeling in touch with the company. Look for someone you can trust and be someone that others can rely on. This way, you could share the ups and downs in the workplace. So how many friends have you developed in the workplace?

Referring others to work

Will you recommend your close family members or friends to work here? This would be a second check on how happy you really are as you would have to be honest to describe your workplace. Additionally, think of what you can do to make the company better for you to refer others?


More often than not, engagement drops when you feel powerless to change the situation. You must take action to immediately when you start thinking negatively towards your work, even the smallest of action to clarify misunderstanding through an honest conversation would do a lot for your career. These are some of the tips for being happy at work. If you absolutely feel that you have truly tried, then it is time to move on.


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